I'm totally new at this. I'm trying to upload some examples to my arduino to use with PD. However when compiling I get a error... it's strange because the sketch is original from the Pduino examples.


/* Supports as many analog inputs and analog PWM outputs as possible.
* This example code is in the public domain.
#include <Firmata.h>

byte analogPin;

void analogWriteCallback(byte pin, int value)
analogWrite(pin, value);

void [b]setup[/b]()
Firmata.setFirmwareVersion(0, 1);
Firmata.attach(ANALOG_MESSAGE, analogWriteCallback);

void [b]loop[/b]()
while(Firmata.available()) {
for(analogPin = 0; analogPin < TOTAL_ANALOG_PINS; analogPin++) {
Firmata.sendAnalog(analogPin, analogRead(analogPin));



hardware\libraries\Firmata/Firmata.h:61: error: typedef 'callbackFunction' is initialized (use __typeof__ instead)

hardware\libraries\Firmata/Firmata.h:61: error: 'byte' was not declared in this scope

hardware\libraries\Firmata/Firmata.h:61: error: expected primary-expression before 'int'

hardware\libraries\Firmata/Firmata.h:64: error: typedef 'sysexCallbackFunction' is initialized (use __typeof__ instead)

hardware\libraries\Firmata/Firmata.h:64: error: 'byte' was not declared in this scope

(much longer ...... but always the same)

In function 'void setup()':

Can u tell me how can I solve this error?

Thanks in advance