Where: FACT, Liverpool, England
When: March 12-17, 2009

Have an iPod you want to repurpose into a hackable music machine? Install iPodLinux and make music with Pd! Want to play Doom on your iPod Video? Come install Rockbox! Did your trusty iPod's battery finally die, or disk give in? Come and break open your iPod, either the software, the hardware or both. Give it new life and new purpose. We'll be hacking iPods as part of the Climate for Change festival. Also, we have on hand our stash of old iPods for harvesting parts, and the newfound skills for frankensteining dead iPods into living ones. Join Hans-Christoph Steiner and Jamie O'Shea with your own iPod, or try your hand to see if you can create a living one from our pile.

This workshop is a place to get exposed to the possibilities. We've been hacking on some iPods to see what's possible. Lots of this software is kind of raw, but you can do lots of fun stuff now. We are just getting started, we are having fun exploring the options. Now we want to help you do the same.

Check out our wiki to see if your devices are supported: