i am running ubuntu with pure data extendet. anyone knows how to make a firewire cam run in pdp_glx ?seems like there is a problem with the pdp_v4l
the cam is just normal seen and working in GEM, so I tried gem2pdp but also not working.
so what or where i have to make some setups or updates.
Just wanne have a campicture in pdp_glx

tried it in the help-patch from ascii_pdp

thats the errorreports i get:

pdp_v4l: opening /dev/video
pdp_v4l: error:


pdp_v4l: attempting auto open
pdp_v4l: retry count reached zero for /dev/video
pdp_v4l: try to open manually
pdp_v4l: auto open failed
pdp_v4l: no device opened