Hallo good people
I have already searched the relevant forums, and the TouchOSC manual but I am still struggling to get OSC data into Purr Data.

I am able to successfully parse OSC data from, for example, Sonic Pi into PD (via localhost) on the same machine. I have recently installed TouchOSC on my Android tablet, and installed Protokol (network messaging monitor) on my MacBook. All the OSC messages from TouchOSC (tablet) show up inside Protokol (MacBook), but [netreceive -u -b], [listen 800( in PD shows nothing. Do I need to tell [netreceive] where the OSC data is coming from (the connect 192.x.x.x message doesn't work)?

I'm afraid terms like Host, Client, server etc mean nothing to me, so is there a step by step guide out there for my issue please?

[EDIT] Muppet - I had to close Protokol!! All working fine now. Told you I was a n00b :D