Hi, I just got myself a rpi4 with a norns shield.

It looks very elegant but I don't plan to use norns system much.

My idea is to install raspbian and use pure data with the device, use it as an ordinary sound card, buttons and screen with my patches.
However I won't plug any screen / keyboard or mouse to the rpi.

I want to use my daily driven laptop to edit pure data patches, and I like plug data a lot. Still I d'like to work directly with the device environnement : use its dac, gears, and all.
I'm using my computer to edit my patches, then I just take my norns shield (with rpi) - that just have a very small black & white screen - with me for live sets.

What are the existing ways to remotely edit patches ? The best thing I can picture would be independent engine and GUI, but I can't find much information on such setup around pd.
I found this thread which is pretty old : https://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/7593/remote-gui
On last resort I guess I could use VNC, SSH X forwarding or such, but I'd rather avoid that as much as possible.

I take every ideas and ressources !

Thanks !

// edit : I've just found this thread also, I will have a try.