Hi everyone,

I have just released [vstplugin~] v0.6.0! Binaries are available on Deken (search for "vstplugin~").

The most important new feature is support for multichannel signals: a single input or output signal can now contain multiple channels. This is particularly handy for spatialization plugins with many channels, such as higher-order ambisonics. Not only does it save you from drawing lots of patch cords, it also allows you to change the channel count dynamically! For example, you can now freely change the ambisonics order without rewriting your patch.

IMPORTANT: previous versions would hide certain (non-automatable) parameters in VST3 plugins. This has been fixed, but as a consequence, parameter indices might have changed. [vstplugin~] prints a warning for every plugin that is affected by this change!

Here is the full changelog: https://git.iem.at/pd/vstplugin/-/releases/v0.6.0

Please report any issues at https://git.iem.at/pd/vstplugin/-/issues

Have fun!