I'm trying to get values from analog sensors connected to a raspberry pi pico. That pico is plugged into a rp5 where I want to read those sensor values in Pure Data. Question-- to interface the pico's sensor values with the Pure Data I can either

Use the pico as a keyboard HID device (using MicroPython on the pico, and "HID" object in Pure Data), or

Use the "comport" object in pure data to unpack and read the sensor values over serial.

Does anyone have any thoughts about either way? Limitations or resolution(if that even applies). Someone please correct any of this- I'm thinking the HID might be a bit friendlier, both pi's and an audio interface are going in a Disney princess guitar I got from goodwill eventually, but I'm trying to get it functional first. I see values in pure data using a Logitech USB game controller and the "HID" object, and about 10 years ago I got sensor values over serial with the "comport" object in Pure Data with an Arduino Nano v3.1. I was reading a little about the u2if git repository that might be another option...and Just found out about the teensy boards... was thinking the teenzy 4.0 might be a better option. But- I haven't gotten this working, so that's first. I appreciate this space!