this is my very first beginning with Pure Data. It is super fun to play around with it.
My desire is to build a sampler/sampleplayer for my daughters 6th birthday.

The Hardware is coming together and seems to work fine.
I am using a Adafruit Neotrellis (a 4x4 Rubber Keypad with RGB LEDs) and some other buttons and rotary encoder that are talking via i2c to a Raspberry Pi Pico that is sending out MIDI over USB.
PD is going to run on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B in a custom build enclosure with a speaker and e build in electret microphone.

I would love to have multiple (3 or 4) banks with 16 samples each switchable with a rotary encoder.
Superb would be if it there are some empty banks that could be filled up with sounds sampled with e build in microphone.

This is my first step in creating the PD patch.

I really would appreciate any help and indications on how to make it work.