Similar to Pd's timer object but with the following additional methods:

  • [ lap ( - sending this message to the 1st inlet sends the lap time and total time as a list through the 2nd outlet

  • [ pause ( - pauses/resumes the timer.

  • [ push $1 ( - shifts the elapsed time. If the value is negative, the elapsed time can be shifted before the time of initialization and result in a countdown effect.

    • You can also send a float to the 1st inlet to reset the timer with a push offset.

Included is a pomodoro abstraction, which alternates between 25min and 5min countdowns. during the 25min period, there will be a ticking sound, which stops for the 5min period. If you're running KDE, there's an added bonus of desktop notifications telling you when a new countdown has begun and what iteration it is.