Even more chaotic 8-step sequencer.


Each step has square wave oscillator, sine wave oscillator, wav file sampler and noise generator.

Lenght of steps can be controlled, overall and individually, and sequentially muted.

Two square wave oscillators modulate each other and a third one modulates the combined two. Optional random frequency modulation on each one of them with control for range and speed.

Sine wave oscillators can be pure, randomized with control of range and tempo, with up/down sweeps or LFO.

Samplers can be set to start and end of loop, playback speed goes from -200% (reverse playback) to 200%.

Generators and left/stereo/right outputs on each step can be sequenced.

Each step has stereo delay.

Recording to wav files possible.


http://mp3.shitcore.org/PELLE8001, as played by NOISEBOB, 210120.mp3
http://mp3.shitcore.org/PELLE8001, as played by NOISEBOB, 220120.mp3


latest version here: http://pd.noiselove.net/PELLE8001-1.7.3.pd