i've been mucking about in PD for some years, but lately taking it more serious.. i'd like to share my first patch, that i feel is worth sharing:


it's a chaotic sequencer/rhythmic noise generator.

Each step has square wave oscillator, sine wave oscillator and a wav file sampler.

Two square wave oscillators modulate each other and a third one modulates the combined two. Optional random frequency modulation on each one of them with control for range and speed. Sine wave oscillators can be pure or with up/down sweeps or LFO. Samplers can be set to start and end of loop, playback speed goes from -200% (reverse playback) to 200%. Generators and left/stereo/right outputs on each step can be sequenced.

Bugs: all outputs are set to right on start-up, division by zero on samplers.

patch is here:

a sample of me jamming on it here:
http://mp3.shitcore.org/PELLE8000, as played by NOISEBOB, 190120.mp3