Howdy folks,

Looking to make some chaotic feedback sounds, I found this old post at ab0ut a PureData Benjolin port.

I followed the instructions there; the good news is, it's working for me in Pd Vanilla 0.50 on OS X, and I can resume making quietly bent noise. However: I had to do a bunch more than what's listed there to get it to work. So I'm posting here to explain (a) what I had to do, for the sake of the next poor bozo that tries; and, (b) to wonder aloud whether maybe I didn't do it the best way--I'm pretty sure I didn't; see below.

Without doing the following, I was getting a lot of "couldn't create" errors for the objects/modules in question.

(a) What I had to do:

  1. Add all the externals Derek Holzer mentions in the original post under my Pd externals dir;
  2. Plus a few more: flatgui, ggee, list-abs;
  3. I had to move matrixctrl and mmb inside my externals dir -- I couldn't figure out how to get searching relative to the patch to work;
  4. I had to add everything to the search path; and,
  5. I had to hand edit (yikes!) the matrixctrl.pd file to replace prefixed abstractions e.g. zexy/drip with drip, iemmatrix/mtx_transpose with mtx_transpose, etc.

(b) Surely there's a more elegant way?

I'm sure there's a way to get the relative path search to work (#3 above), and I am really not happy to be hand-hacking the .pd source for matrixctrl.

Can anyone advise?

Thanks much


PS: I've read through the sources I can find about externals management in Vanilla, e.g. various forum posts about extended->vanilla migration. Although I get that there should be a better way, this was what I had to do to "make" it work.