Hello everyone,

as most of you know, I'm continuously developing my Ewolverine patch with which you can genetically breed sounds out of your MIDI-gear.
In order to automatically approximate synthesizer parameters, Ewolverine must compare different synth-sounds to a target sample. The problem is that sounds match differently to the target sample depending on the comparison-criterion.


Case 1:
If the selection criterion is the length of synthesized sounds in comparison to the target, the selection mechanism may choose for synth parameters that generate sounds as long as the target sample, but may pay no attention to its timbre.

Case 2:
If the selection criterion is the onset, the generated sounds may all have equal onsets, but differ in length and timbre.

What I need is a way of multi-objective optimization which takes all criteria into account and tells Ewolverine's selection mechanism which synthesized sound is generally nearest to the target sample.

Is there anything in pd that I could use or do you have any idea what I could do or do you know anyone who could help me?