Hello everyone,

Lately I've been dealing with some dsp stuttering issues while trying to resize arrays and send long messages. Aparently pure data can't deal with resizing arrays in a parallel thread, but I've found the sndfiler external:

http://grh.mur.at/software/sndfiler.html (but the download link is down...)


threaded reading of multichannel soundfiles into arrays
threaded resize of arrays
support for OGG

I was using pd-extended but couldn't install the library on it, and then I found pd-l20rk, which aparently has the sndfiler library installed by default, appears in the source code but not it the windows installing package...

Does anyone installed succesfully the sndfiler library? I want to make it work mainly in raspbian stretch, but also would be nice in windows for debbuging purposes. In case that having it installed, does it really works for multithreading heavy array manipulations?