Hi All
Been a while since I was here...
Dont whether Im using the wrong search terms but I am wanting to build;
A play back sample module for a simple headless raspberry pi setup for my cajon (I use it with a wavedrum but it has no connectivity etc)
The sample module should have 8 velocity layer plus a round robin for max velocity of eg 4 samples
Primarily percussion etc
I am reasonable at programming/designing on Kontakt.
The trigger inputs would be 4 piezos plus a kick trigger (yamaha pedal) so 4 in total...inspired by this set up

Would have positional info for 2 top triggers...the hpd20 has some nice positional instruments and I hooked the positional controllers up to the hand pan library...its brilliant fun.

So the question is...
Does anyone know of some resources/existing projects that might help
Anyone done any raspi only setups like this?

Thanks in advance and kind regs