Hi guys,
i have a Problem. I want to use a wiimote Change the characteristics of a Sound via gesture Control. I used glovepie to connect the wiimote with my pc and to convert the data to OSC and send it to Pure Data. This works perfect. but for some reason I see different numbers at Pure Data than at GlovePie.
For Example: I want to use the pitch angle to Control an hslider. My expectation was, that the Data of the Wiimote will be from -90 (Wiimote facing down) to 90 (Wiimote Facing up). These are the numbers i also get in GlovePie. But the OSC data I get in Pure Data range from 9 (wiimote lying flat on the table) to 45 (Wiimote is facing up) or 10 (wiimote is facing down). Because the number is also higher when the wiilote is facing down than lying flat on the table, I cannot use the slider probably. Do you have any Idea how i can fix this Problem? See Pictures attached.
pitch_Data_pure data.png

Thank you!