Hi All
A little bit of work to set up but forget midi mapping...google it if you dont believe me.
After a lot of time spent trying to get a simple but sophisticated way (using a minimal 8 button floorboard) to control Live on w10, I thought I would share this particular solution to possibly help others (especially after the help offered here on this forum). I tried a number of scenarios, even buying Max 4 Live, but it turns out a lot simpler than that. It needs 3 main areas set

Create pd patch that gives you 'behaviours' per switch. Ill be happy to share mine but Im just cleaning them up atm.
eg I have 4 standard behaviours that dont take too much time to master

  1. Action A: A quick click (less than 500ms) Always the primary action
  2. Action B: Long click ie 1 click down and pedal up after 500ms. I use this eg always as a negative ramp down for things like lowering volume but if its just held down and released in a natural way, it is the secondary action of the switch
  3. Action C: 3 Click ie 1 quick down, up and then hold down. I use this for a positive ramp eg as volume up
    4 Actiion D: Double click, Always a cancel
    These are all mapped to note/ctrl outs that match the 'Selected Track Control' below

Use PD VST to create a plugin version of your patch. This is loaded into Live as a control track. Live manages the connection of your floor board etc into the actual track so you dont wrestle with the io. I always use track 1 for click (forget Live metronome, this is much more flexible and can have feel/swing etc) so I dedicate track 2 to control.
Use LoopMIDI to create a virtual midi cable that will go from this track and be fed into the remote script.

REMOTE SCRIPT: 'Selected Track Control'
Download latest from http://stc.wiffbi.com/
Install to live and make sure your notes/control conform.
Enable this as a control surface in live and connect midi in from the plugin. Think about giving the guy a donation...massive amount of work and he deserves it!

I use it to control 8 tracks x 8 scenes and is controlled by 3 switches

  1. Scene control up and down (A = down, B = up)
  2. Track control same as scene
  3. Rec/Fire/Undo Volume up and down (A = fire/rec, B = Volume Down, C = Volume Up, D (Dbl Click) = Undo

The scenes and tracks wrap so there isnt too much foot tapping

There is quite a bit more to it of course...its and maybe no one else needs this but it would have saved me a couple of weeks of time so Im happy to help anyone wanting to achieve gigging without a massive floor rig and an easy way to map and remember.

HTH someone