Hello! I have the feeling that playing Nancarrow´s music by humans is possible the way it was written, but a tablet or projection with a piano roll would be needed to put above the piano keys like in this video:

(HD piano lessons). If we take Nancarrow´s 21 study it would require many interpreters, to put a number lets say 30 interpreters... it is music for piano, the pianos would have to be prepared like the way he had them, but not all pianos would fit on a stage with the interpreters too, so a massive virtual concert might be needed, to record video from the location of the interpreter/piano and have a split screen in this case of 30 divisions on the screen.
right now the people at hd pianos let me use their software, the only thing left is the projection/tablet. I asked at sony if they made custom size screens but that is a big no.
do you guys have an idea of how to build a screen the length of 88 piano keys and the height of lets say 20 cm?
here is study 21...

maybe fewer people are needed this is just to put a number on this post,