Hi everyone !
I'm studying signal processing and computer science in Grenoble, France. It's the last year for my engineering studies.
I'm fond of "traditional" music (love for jazz, hip-hop and electronic stuffs). I'm also spending many times into more experimental projects around sound, interaction, composition processes (that I would be happy to share once tidied) using tools like pure data, processing, juce...
I really want to pursue my life into that fields to develop tools for music creations or performances. That is why I targetted (for many years now) the Atiam at Ircam which is, from what heard, a very good scientific M2 applied in music in France. Courses apart, it surely is a good environment for meeting people in the domain and developing projects with good feedbacks.
Currently making my CVs, covering letter... Though I'm looking for this type of formation and not only Atiam. Do you know any equivalent formation around the world (not only France)? Have you got recommendations, ideas or alternatives concerning these kind of studies?

Thanks for reading !