Hey there

Danger! Absolute Newbie ! hope you guys will help me nevertheless

First a quick overview about the wohle situation:

I want to controll my lightning software (Avolites Tian One) with a additional Programm (OsiMIDI) via MIDI Notes. OsiMIDI only works with MIDI devices... wich means i have to convert my Data from my USB Power Mate to MIDI Notes. At the moment i use MIDI Yoke with PD and a Script from here this works in principle but ist far away from usefull...

My Questions:

Is PD the best solution for this problem or should i use other Software (any Ideas?)

I think i have to change some things in the PD Script, wich means i need a lot of help. Anyone who can offer some support?

At the moment my PD script is only working wehn it is on the top of the windows order... really anoying some Suggestions to fix this?

Thxs for all your answers and your Patience with me ^^