Hi everybody,

I have a little problem. I'm using a patch to convert incoming osc-messages to controll sources position of the Soundscape Renderer, running on a different machine. This worked fine for some time, but all of a sudden, the patch puts out an error message on it's first startup:

(Tcl) UNGÜLTIGER BEFEHL NAME: invalid command name " as-local"
while executing
" as-local objectclass path"
("uplevel" body line 3)
invoked from within
"uplevel #0$cmds_from_pd"

This comes only on the first start of the patch.
Then, when the patch is running and receives osc data, PD crashes after a few seconds.

I don't have any where this comes from. I didn't change anything in the setup, no updates or anything else (as far as i can remember...)
I would have liked to attach a crash.log or something, but couldn't find one.

I'm using Pd-extended 0.43.4 on Win10- 64 Bit.

If any additional information needed, let me know.

Thanks a lot for any help!