I would like to use pd in order to generate a train of very short pulses at a given repetition rate (repetition rate within a limited audio range 50 Hz to 2 khz) for a stroboscopic visualization of a vibrating object.

Q1) In the tens of ms range (or possibly even a bit shorter) for the width of the pulses:
if using say one channel (L or R) of a stereo dac~, what would be the way to do it in pd (assuming a 44 Khz sample rate) ?

Q2) What would be the way to do it for yet shorter pulses ? (e.g. using digital pins on a raspberry on which pd is running) ? What could be the minimum pulse width in such a case ?

Q3) should I be better off using an external circuit for (i) the short pulse generation, and (ii) possibly also an external oscillator (say an i2c programable oscillator that pd controls ) ?

thanks for your help and suggestions !