I am very interested in getting feedback on this patch, which is a simple sampler with the option to play files in sequential order, random order, or overlapped randomly.

I built this as an exercise to learn about abstractions and the use of $0, $1 per the sticky post in the tutorials section.

TVS.pd is the main patch and TV.pd is the abstraction. I give each instance of TV.pd two arguments (1 2 for the first, 2 3 for the second, 3 4 for the third, etc). This is so that I can use the variables $1 and $2 in each abstraction - the variable $2 is always the function to stop playback. In this way, when playing samples in sequential order, the second sample functions to turn off playback on the first, the third turns off the second, etc.
For sequential playback I use:
[select $1]
| |
[bang] [moses $2]
[select $2]
You will find this in the TV.pd abstractions.

I would like feedback on this method, I suspect there is a more elegant way to achieve the same result.

I would also love help making a line~ that functions to stop digital clicks when changing samples.

Thank you for your support on my first patch!