mmbh: metamodal-bridge plus harmony-filter


Adding a second filter (to the mmb mode+key one) for harmony.

Building on the

"Meta-Modal Bridge (mmb) abstraction: MIDI Mode+Key Filter, to escape/prevent false notes"
(as shared here

This abstraction adds a second layer to filter notes (for the selected mode+key) for harmony.

In other words, only allowing through those notes which are in the mode+key PLUS are a (the selected) 1st, 3rd, 5th, relative pitch etc.

This is almost rudimentary to accomplish, since the MMB lists which notes in an octave are in the mode+key. So one need only make a list of those items, then use that list to assemble all mode+key pitches ([0..127]), and just use list-find to spigot the outgoing note when it is one of the selected harmonics.


This abs is particularly useful when sending "random" sequences of notes or quasi-random sequences, like the output from adc~, sigmund~, bonk, fiddle, etc.

May you get some use out of it and may it make either your programming concepts or your playing more "musical", and even more so, your work more to your liking.

Love through sharing.