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    After some trial and error I was able to get dssi 0.96 to compile and run on my Linux machine (Lubuntu 15.10). Here are the changes I made to the files:

    • In the Makefile: changed "LIBDIR=/usr/local/lib" to "LIBDIR=/usr/lib"
    • In the Makefile: changed "current: pd_darwin" to "current: pd_linux"
    • in dssi~.c: added "#include pthread.h" on line 31

    The first change might be optional, depending on how your filesystem is set up.

    The help patch and output~ abstraction in the doc folder also needed a few changes. (The first thing I did was to cut the connection from the sine plugin to throw~, in Instance #2.) I got Hexter to load by changing the dssi~ object in Instance #1 to "dssi~ hexter"; it didn't seem to need a path. And it needed to be connected to throw~.

    After that it seemed to work fine. Selecting channel 1 (it's at the bottom right of Instance #1) got sounds out of Hexter.

    A few things to look out for -- clicking on "reset 1" or "dssi show 2", or trying to create a plug~ object, crashed Pd. And I had some occasional problems with Pd hanging until I killed the hexter_gtk process, usually with that big help file. A fresh patch with a dssi~ object doesn't seem to crash as often.

    I poked through the dssi~ C file and saw something like a "deactivate plugin" signal you could send to it, but can't figure out how to make it work.

    Anyway - hope this works for other folks. Have fun!

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