• Nicolas Danet

    No, i never used it. No clue at all what's going on.

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  • Nicolas Danet

    Actually, I am pretty happy that Pd's only core dependencies a Tcl/Tk, PortAudio, and PortMidi as it greatly lowers the amount of vectors for bitrot.

    A reason to dropped them is not only for cosmetic, but the worry for their lifetime. I'm a bit afraid about their maintenance and/or avaibility in the next decades. Anyway thanks for your work on Pure Data! :clap:

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  • Nicolas Danet

    That's a pitty that no mechanism (native) is available to ensure order in those cases.
    I have no idea how it could be done ; but that's a valid request.
    There is a lot of workarounds in that forum to make things (laboriously) that should be done at the core level (simply).
    And more workarounds (= less encapsulation) means a core harder to change compatibilly.
    For now IMHO you should continue with spider's web, and ask the devs :scream: to implement an ordering feature...
    ...with almost no chance to be done before many years! :yum:

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  • Nicolas Danet

    Yep it is arbitrary, just an implementation detail ; It is collected in a linked-list queue, and it is more efficient to prepend that to append to. I had a look into Pure Data sources, and it appears that it hasn't changed since.

    Anyway it is interesting to understand what's hap, but nothing should rely onto it. It could change (but i doubt it will).

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  • Nicolas Danet

    IIRC (sorry if i'm wrong).

    Building the DSP chain means doing a topological sort to linearize the graph of the DSP objects.

    For that all the DSP objects of the topmost patch are collected in reverse order of their creations. Then the first node in the collection that has no DSP entry is fetched. The graph is explored depth-first (outlet by outlet) appending the DSP method/operation of the connected objects to the DSP chain. For that all the inlets of the tested node must have been visited. Otherwise the algorithm stop and fetches the next outlet, or the next object in the collection, and restart the exploration from it. That process is recursively done in subpatches discovered.

    Notice that it is not easy to explain (and i don't have it fresh in mind). The stuff in Spaghettis is there. AFAIK it is more or less the same that in Pure Data (linked in previous post).
    I can bring details back in my head, if somebody really cares.


    You can also watch the beginning of that video of Dave Rowland about Tracktion topological process.
    EDIT: The first ten minutes (the rest is not relevant).
    WARNING: the way things are done in that talk is NOT how it is done in Pd.
    It is just an illustration of the problem needed to be solved!

    Introducing Tracktion Graph: A Topological Processing Library for Audio - Dave Rowland - ADC20


    @whale-av said:

    @jameslo I agree. I did report a bug once, but have never dared ask a question on the list.
    The list is the domain of those creating Pd. I often read what they have to say, but I would not dare to show my face.

    It is really sad to see experienced users intimidated by developers.
    But at the same time i totally understand why (and i still have the same felling). :smile:

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  • Nicolas Danet

    I wonder if anyone recognizes elements of this project?

    The big white ball is the moon, and i've already seen it very long time ago (before electric light pollution disaster era).

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  • Nicolas Danet

    so externals that work with tcl/tk won't work, right?

    Yep. And ALL the externals also! :astonished:
    I rewrote EVERYTHING. :yum:
    The API is different.
    The DSP has it own thread.
    Thus externals must be thread-safe.

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  • Nicolas Danet

    That threads could contain few responses:


    I don't like big blocks of text (it's hard to translate, hard to read for lazy frenches).
    I prefer examples.
    Anyway i'll have to redo all of them again once the JUCEd GUI done.
    Less things is less work! :smile:
    Notice that i'll remove a lot of features in next version < https://github.com/Spaghettis/Spaghettis/issues/25 >.
    I don"t have time for everything.
    Make the DSP foolproof will be the main task.
    I will be more than happy in the future to let users improve the help/turorials.
    IMHO it is a thing in FLOSS that newcomers can do first....
    ...before to jump into the source code and help me to tweak the stuff.
    That's why there's no already built downlable thing (for now).
    I want the users to be motivated to see under the hood.

    And to not hijack that thread, probably a good idea is to continue on those above.

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