• Nicolas Danet

    Messages and audio processing is being handled in the same single main loop.

    AFAIK: Yes.

    Has this problem been solved in any of pds "forks" yet?

    AFAIK: No.

    From the PROGRAMMERS ANGLE: are there any efforts to improve pd's design?

    FYI: I'm currently working on making my fork multithreaded to attempt to solve that...

    I love pd, but it still has profound issues, in my humble opinion.


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  • Nicolas Danet

    An array is a special GOP (with one -only one in Spaghettis- scalar inside).
    That function tests if it is that special glist.
    Notice that I removed things in Pure Data to be able to do that.
    It is not possible anymore to make a graph for instance, nor a table...

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  • Nicolas Danet

    In that case (and in all cases), i changed the code (thus the comment), but not the behavior (as far as possible).

    < https://github.com/Spaghettis/Spaghettis/blob/master/src/graphics/patch/g_object.c#L172 >

    Parts of Pure Data code are hard to understand... even for the mainteners.

    This is what i suggested by enlightening that comment (and anything more).

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  • Nicolas Danet

    I have contributed few times to Pure Data when i found a naughty bug. I 'll do it again in the future. But the changes i did are so huge that i'm sure that current mainteners would NOT have accepted them. Look at my code, open the application, and you'll see what i mean. I spent three years to refactor Pure Data. I'll spend probably many time again to improve it (and make it stable). Trust me, i seriously considered first to contribute. But that < https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/blob/master/src/g_editor.c#L114 > kind of things convinced me that Pure Data can NOT be improved whitout first a serious clean. Maybe i'm wrong. Maybe you think that what i do is worst. It doesn't matter, you are probably right. But if you share my POV, welcomed. Let's finish "Pire Data".

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  • Nicolas Danet

    The only material available is on the GitHub repository.
    "The idea behind Spaghettis" is to clean the code of Pure Data in order to improve it.
    For instance in next weeks i'll try to make the DSP multithreaded.
    It is a one-man project, and sadly i don't have time for the documentation.
    Furthermore, it is work-in-progress and such everything could change at any time.
    For now, i'm looking for adventurous (newbies welcomed) people to contribute and experiment.
    Thus "compile and test by your own" is a requirement to enter the party.
    (((- Hey, that's probably why i'm alone to drink at the punch bowl!)))
    Of course in the future gorgeous videos and helpful wikis will be essential.

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  • Nicolas Danet

    To avoid to mess Pure Data patches, i changed file extensions from ".pd" to ".pdpatch".

    Thus it is required to explicitly (copy and) renamed the files to switch from one to the other.

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  • Nicolas Danet

    Yippee! Today i finished to clean the code.
    The next step is testing extensively and then... improve it (especially the DSP part).
    Contributions welcomed.

    < https://github.com/Spaghettis/Spaghettis >

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