• murkrellr

    @oid I loved what Csound sounded like... but i couldnt do music that way. people say Pd is "office work" more than making music... but I seriously enjoy patching.

    there was one in Linux 20 years ago too, i think called ARTS... tried hard to use that one, but it was very early-days for the program.

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  • murkrellr

    what other kinds of visual programming environments for sound/music or otherwise have you used and how, in your opinion do they stack up to PD?

    i started using NI Generator 1.5 ... (the predecessor to Reaktor) in 1998 and was in love! I used Generator for 20 years but found it hard
    to get past a certain point in making my ideas come to life.

    I tried a program called CPS that seemed cool.. but i made no progress. it looked like Pd and Generator had a child in windows95.

    I tried 3 times over 20 years to learn Pure Data, but it never stuck/clicked until the last year... I credit youtube tutorials this time.

    I've seen MAX and i think ill stick with Pd thanks,

    I've seen a flowchart program for process automation that works the same way... no idea the name.

    not visual, but i tried Csound... nope, not gonna happpen!

    how about your experiences!?

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  • murkrellr

    sorry, yes thats important...
    Linux... mint
    and it is what opens when you click on any "open" in Pd...
    it looks different than any other open file dialog box on this system
    and is also the only open dialog which gives certain Pd files {these}...
    and i guess that made me think it was something specific/important/useful to Pd!?


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  • murkrellr

    random question...
    I noticed that (only when) I go to open a file in the open dialog, some of the filenames of .pd patches display having {these brackets} around them, and some do not... and all of my ideas about what this might indicate... proved to be wrong.

    so, what does it mean??

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  • murkrellr

    thanks for this question and answer! i was just wondering about this since deciding to try out tabosc4~ .

    I had been manually setting messages for array sequencer pattern recall...
    but uhh.. that wasnt gonna work for waveforms!

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