I'm having an issue running Pd Vanilla on my Mac (OS X 10.6.8). I noticed something was amiss when I started any of the patches that I had assembled on my iMac and was met with the error message stating that I couldn't '...open the application Pd because it may be damaged or incomplete'.

I initially ignored this and by Cmd-clicking the icon selected it be opened with Pd-0.43-0. Once open, all objects or any new objects created had dotted lines around them and do not work.

I have searched for a program named simply Pd but none exists anywhere on my machine. I have tried changing the default program using the Cmd-I shortcut (any time I try to change all it simply defaults back to this non-existant Pd). I have tried reinstalling both Pd-0.43-0 and Pd extended then repairing disk permissions which also did not work.

I am struggling for new things to try and would appreciate any help.

Thanks y'all!